Having just got together everything I needed to start shooting on my first plate camera (half plate, see previous thread), I alas had to go away for two weeks (staying in a lovely house, shooting colour medium format). And was really looking forward to my first large format shots. Next week now.

But ebay alas was still there, and I accidentally oopsed.

So not only do I have a second plate camera, its a Hunter Penrose 12x15 process camera, 1930s-1950s. Takes plates down to about full plate size apparently. Unfortuantely it doesnt fold. And I presume it has a very slow lens which probably doesnt cover the format at infinity.

So should I
(a) Reproduce maps as intended
(b) Stick a reversed enlarger lens in and do macro shots using the 150cm extension
(c) Find a huge portrait lens
(d) persuade a friend to truck mount it and take huge pictures of motorways in home-made glass plates
(e) realise it was probably a terrible mistake, wont fit in a small London flat
(f) convert it into a sofa
(g) invoke the sellers 7 day money back pledge as it is woefully misdescribed (circa 1860!)

I guess it really depends on the lens coverage, or ability to find something that covers the format, and the condition it really is in.

d. would be my preferred option...