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Well nothing is set in stone, it is quite easy to merge them all back into one if it doesn't work out well. The forum visibility stuff is getting a total overhaul in the next version. You basically have a text list of all forums in your apug options, you simply highlight the forums you no longer want to see and save the changes, very nice..
this site is fine yet, but some further modification might help indeed to concentrate on the personal interests. My main concern was that the photography related character of this site should not get lost by dealing too much with the makes. After 5 years of web photo forums all controversial x make vs y make stuff makes me really sick, and APUG seems to be still a place (almost) free of this soft headed sort of discussions. I would hate to see some structural changes could be understood as an invitation to those, who don't miss ANY opportunity ANYWHERE to tell us that they got the "right" brand. There are enuff sandboxes out there for them.

Switching from any camera site to APUG is like entering a recreation area, at least as this brand controverses are concerned.