Thanks Konical,

It's primarily a family trip, so I'm not quite sure about how much I'll actually be able to sneak off. I guess if I find out about some exciting stuff, I might be more apt to try to get out and about on my own.

Most likely, I'll stick to only bringing my 35mm, but I'm still contemplating bringing my 120 TLR Ricohmatic 225. I shoot black and white only. I can bring my Manfroto tri-pod, but probably only if I bring the TLR due to the weight etc. We're flying so I can just throw the stuff in the car.

I'm mainly interested in finding some scenics or some architecture/urban images that I might not find here in Boise. I haven't researched yet, but the arch springs to mind, but I'm betting there are some great buildings etc. to see. If any of your ideas are quasi kid friendly that would help because during the week we'll be doing the tourist thing with both of our families. That's why I'm leaning toward the 35mm with a 28-200 zoom for flexibility. I don't know if I'll really be able to get out there on my own. Who knows though.

We're staying with friends in one of the suburbs. I don't even know exactly where (the wife's best friend) yet.

Thanks again.