Yes Rob!

This is a challenge in any cases there is no doubt about that! Iím working on the lens shade problem too! I believe you have seen those 35 mm panorama movie cameras. Donít you? Remember how the lens shade looked like? Wide and low! Bellows type of course to could adapt different lenses! Now Iím into to fold my bellows and I where asking after sites there I could learn that! Published here in the large format section under ďFolding bellowsĒ Take a looked that!

Anyway, I learned that the deeper your lens is in the shade the better quality your neg is going to be. Donít get scared we are a couple people sharing the very same problem but solving it is part of the fun!!! Just see to it that you choose the right lens contra neg size and than a fall out not gonna be a big issue! I for example use an oversized lens to all of my large formats! For 4x5 I use 5x7 lenses for 8x10 mostly lenses made to 30x40 cm because I want to have the possibility to use the best out of all lenses! Also witm movements I still in the lense best working aria! If the lens covers that is good but how it covers thatís a totally different thing!

Than of course you must understand that this is not an everyday camera!!!!

So what do you thinK what kind of whether we got in Sweden? :-) :-)