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There will be a dinner organizational meeting on September 7, 2006 at 7:30 P.M. at "Fridays" restaurant in Burlington, NJ. Please refer to my prior post in this thread for directions to this restaurant.

Everyone is welcome, individual dinner costs will be the responsibility of those in attendance. The purpose of the meeting is to formulate goals, events, and interests of the NJ/PA/NY regional APUG members. The scope of this APUG chapter will encompass all formats and film mediums: with the emphasis on having fun, learning from one another, and perpetuating the experiences of making traditional film images while incorporating the advances in technology.

Robert J. Triffin
Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

This should be a good opportunity for anyone who is interested in having an active photography program close by. I would encourage anyone who is interested, no matter where you live, to attend this organizational meeting. If you have any ideas, please write them down on a list and bring that list with you.

Robert, are there any good photo ops close by if we want to do some shooting before the meeting?