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My guess is not all folks heard or understood there was a question. I saw it as an abstract design myself.
Who's to say the mountain stream had no questions to ask?
I purposely did not identify either image for that reason. I always want an image to be a personal experience (primarily for myself and additionally for others).

The matter of the question of a mountain stream...other then the location and other matters pertaining to the objective reality, what question could be posed?

Prior to the post this evening, I visited with another well recognized photographer last week about this same matter. I asked this question of him..."What am I missing?" when I observed the variance in the number of views. His response was "you are not the one that is missing the point". I guess that this is a matter of different places in our view of life and of the place that photography can play.

Bruce said:

"The abstract I can remember today. My response to it at the time was 'why is he showing me this? What am I to take away?'...I would say in response that apparently the question that you posed "

I would respond by saying that apparently the mountain stream was not of a lasting impression. I am heartened by that because apparently the abstract engaged you. The question of the image is one for you to pose to yourself and one for you to answer.

Thanks to both of you for your views.