Yes, I am effing serious, I don't live where their is any Ajacent public property, I am over 2 miles beyond the public road, there is no public property where I currently reside, besides shooting somebody with rock salt in the butt is not going to kill them..the whole point of my posts was, ASK and most likly you will receive, try to dictate and your most likely to piss someone off, the articles I have read on this situation state this IS private property and the company that owns it decided they didn't want to take a risk, some people and some companies, as has been outline in another thread today, JUST DON"T WANT THEIR PICTURES TAKEN and if they own the property, they have the right to say so, there is no public railway property in this country, every single rail line is owned by private companies, and hence when you enter the property they own, unless you have permission, you are in fact tresspassing, they have the right to have you cited and they have the right to deny you access, depending on what their agreements state, heck if you get out of line at an airport, they have the right to have you seems to me this situation could be very well solved if photographers, would just talk to the management at the particular property, I know I always secure permission when I want to photograph and I secure the permits that are required, that includes National Parks, and such, and hell I own part of them..