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I agree wtih you, I see alot of things I don't like when it comes to what we can and cannot photograph and as I stated, I don't agree or disagree with what they did and to the joy of photographers who work in that area, they have recinded their choice, but after many years of being a photographer, I just don't see how calling them names and bulling up to the bar, does anything to further our cause, I am old enough now to understand, you get more by offering honey than you do vineger, it sounds as if the public was able to get their point across in this situation and it will continue to be these little victories that allow us to continue to do what we do and love to do...as I said, ask me and I will most likely give, tell me and I will most likely tell you to go to hell, hell bent for election is not always the best policy and with some restraint and cooth, we can win the world back over again..

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Fully agree with everything you said there. I think, instead of arguing about all these things in the abstract - what would be a good use of our time is to put together a little kit that we can all carry with us - spelling out the letter of the law - that we might show to those who give us a hard time when we're on public property. Kind of like a Miranda - but in reverse. "I have the right to..." etc. etc... Nothing cocky or confrontational - just a transcript of the regulations that allow us our freedoms - because the cops and security guards sure don't seem to know them.