Prohibiting photographers from taking pictures of train stations, airports, public buildings etc is a falsehood in security. One can bypass this by using digital or video cameras that are extremely miniature in size to hide in a briefcase, purse without arousing suspicion. There isn't enough manpower or electronic surveillance equipment to watch for all possible intel gathering unless we are living in a nation where everyone is spying on everyone. The government wants us to feel save by implementing these types of actions claiming it is for the good of the people knowing fully well this is not true. We the people allow the government and our enemies to play on our fear, lack of participation in our government and ignorance to control us. Throughout history there has been groups of people or nations that did not agree with another and this will continue til the end of mankind. Yet we can attempt to make changes through understanding the issues we have to break barriers. Despite this attempt many will not be happy with the answers or results. Not only does our government wants us to feel that we actually need them they thrive on it. The American people can actual use good judgement when provided with truthful information and make decisions that are sound. It only takes a few to make life miserable for many. So, if you do not like what you see voice your opinion and vote in this up coming elections in you state. Remember: "Evil wins when good men do nothing"

I can go on and on.