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The lense I had been thinking of for the 6x24 is the Schneider - Super Symmar XL 110/f5.6 with its 288mm image circle slightly beter than the 90/f5.6 Super Angulon XL and I'm guessing would not have so great a fall off and it has a reasonable 110deg of coverage but at the cost of being a slightly heavier lense.
I was not serious about the 500mm XXL unless there is a 6x72 out there!
I know I undrestand it, that's why I said it's defenitelly not feet the Fotoman! And then I put a little :-) efter, this is a smily! And that the whole thing was meant with a little Irony!

If I told you that the Schneider 210 is to big earlier than you probobly understood that I didn't meant seriously as the XXL is even bigger! But David had a little problem with it! :-)

It would be like putting my 1000 mm Apo Ronar to my Nikon F2! Now, how that would be? :-)

Yes the 110 is a better choice but to what size 6x17? Than it's a brilliant choice! Expencive stuff! Look on Ebay you might fine one used! Save money for film! :-)