Donald, which pictures are they? I intentionally don't go to galleries very often because I often find myself seeing those images in the compositions I make. I don't know why. Mybe because, as Jorge said, I see that it has been done before. By not looking at those images i am free to concentrate on my images. When images are mentioned I think hmmm...I would like to see that and then I can't find it.

You draw a pretty rigid line between what you call a pretty picture and an abstract. You give the abstract much more importance than you do the pretty picture. I cannot agree. In my opinion they are both the same in weight and meaning, and importance. It just depends on who you are talking to. I cannot imagine you wasted your time taking and printing a picture just so you could start this thread. You do not seem like that kind of person. Just as the objects in the abstract drew your eye so did objects in the stream. What was it that did that? I assume you had entirely different reasons for exposing the different shots, there fore they would each be viewed differently.

The matter of the question of a mountain stream...other then the location and other matters pertaining to the objective reality, what question could be posed?
What question(s) could not be posed?