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I love Margaret Bourke-White and I like this one a lot but my favorite is of the top of the Chrysler building. I read her biography and was amazed at all she did in a time when women had to fight to be recognized at all. I love the miners picture. She has such a wide range of photography that it's very hard to pick a favorite. Thanks for asking about one of my favorites.

About a year or so ago, on the 75th anniversary of the completion of the Chrysler Building, there was a multi-page section in the NY Times which included a long article on Margaret Bourke-White. Don't have a link to it (and probably on pay-per-view "Times Select") but it was quite a detailed bio.

Amongst other things, she retained occupancy rights to an aerie in the building for many years.

BTW: I can look out my window (as I've just done) and see the CB - it remains the "classic" - so much prettier than the ESB that utilmately "topped it" but was nothing more than an ape perch!

Oh, I like this shot too.