My old man is a tech/camera/computer nerd, and always had cameras laying around the house, which I adopted over the years. Just messed around with.

I studied my first love, Literature, with plans of racing bicycles professionally after words.

My knees fell apart though.

Then photography sort of picked me.

I was a part of a small photo show, got some small odd gigs which sealed the deal. Then bumped into an incredible still life shooter I assisted for 2.5 years. Learned a lot there, and was able to do a lot of experimenting and make good money.

Moved to NYC to give the top a try, and that's were I'm at now. Shooting fashion and portraiture and the odd weddings. Actually just shot my first celebrity tear last week, which I was excited about.

I'm 26. For the most part I don't feel like I know anything. Having fun though.

Except I'm always broke and breaking gear.