Here are the Rodenstock coverage and lens movement numbers for the 55mm lens.

Rodenstock Apo-Grandagon
All numbers below are for a Working Aperture of f/22:

Angle of View is 110 degrees
Image Circle is 163mm at 1:Infinity
Shift Limits for 4" x 5" are 7mm and 5mm
Shift Limits for 6cm x 12cm are 30mm and 19mm

These are the two formats I use the most on the Shen-Hao. The Shen-Hao movement capability exceeds the coverage capability of the 55 mm lens for both of these formats.

I have not yet run into a perspective control situation with the 55mm lens where I was coverage limited. When I do, I will switch to my 65mm Super Angulon.