Back in my days in L.A., my mom was an artist, lots of great paintings and drawings. She had a studio out back, and one day decided to take a photo class at UCLA. She built a darkroom in a closet of the studio. Guess who used it more than her!! That was in highschool. Luckily, my parents were very supportive, and despite putting 3,000 miles between me and them, they agreed to art school in NYC.

After school, and floundering around a few odd jobs, I landed in DC, and found a position with a small photo agency that represented a number of National Geographic photographers. Great to plow through the outtakes, and I learned just how those big stories are organized! Sold reproduction rights to all sorts of folks for all sorts of uses. One client, U.S.News eventually had an opening for a photo researcher, and managed to land it! Got promoted a few times, and was a photo editor there for over seven years. Fun job... bossing photographers and sending them all over the place!

Got married, moved to New England for hubby's job, and had a temporary stint at Yankee magazine when the photo editor took a leave of absence. When that job ended, I decided to take a year off. I felt that I'd had enough of magazine work, but was unsure about what to do next, when I got pregnant.

So... decision was made! Did the mom thing, and started to photograph again with the same intensity I had in highschool, and college. Focussed the lens on my kids, and started to think that my original plan of being a photographer may yet come to fruition.

Built the darkroom, and have worked part-time for the past two years doing children's portraits. With my younger one off to kindergarten this fall, I'm hoping to create a more full time job for myself. Actually doing a little marketing this fall!

So, as Les said... I'm having a go at it.