Bill you may consider luck a factor in your success, but we all know it was talent and hard work. ( And whose talent and hard work you'll never disclose!!!

I do miss those early days of my career and the life of the photo district. It was pretty glamourous in some ways. As a photographer I got invited to all the hotspots, I guess the assumption was that photographers always brought models with them. Also photographers had a certain status back then which seems to be missing nowadays. It really was a hayday.

Maintaining the studio was extremely stressful, having paid studio rents approaching $10k a month with clients that required that you lay out huge sums of money and then wait 90 days or more to get paid. And I'm not talking small businesses making you wait that long, I'm talking banks, credit card companies etc. It seemed that the companies most insistent that people pay them promptly always tended to be those that paid the slowest. Have you noticed that? I guess it was good training for dealing with galleries!!