I've brought the camera home for the weekend. It appears to be nice and in good shape. The Wollenstock shutter is waaay off (at 1/5 to 1 sec it takes about 10 seconds to cycle through).

The lensboard opening is large enough to accept the rear element for my 75mm. Unfortunately just behind the lensboard opening is the bracket that secures the bellows and it is too narrow for the 75's rear element. This is a bit of a bummer. It was my hope to use the camera with the 75mm to see how suitable it would be for my purposes.

The bellows is light tight, the rangefinder is close and appears to be very easy to adjust. It also appears that coupling other lenses to the range finder may be possible.

In any event I'll be playing with it over the weekend If anyone has any more suggestions I'm all ears and as always thanks again David!

I posted a picture of the camera in the non gallery section...