I earn a paycheck as a photometric tech. I guess that counts. All this LF stuff is relax mode for me though.

Let's say you've got a missile that you want to have land at spot X and it's traveling about 960 ft. per second. You'd really like to know how fast it was really going, what the angle was in flight and what if any difference the angle of the unit was compared to the angle of flight and spin rate if there is one. You'd also like to know within a thousandth of a second when it hit the ground. I can build you a camera array that will get you all that info.

I picked up my Nikon FG about 1985 or so because I wanted to make some pretty pictures of my Postwar Lionel train layout. I didn't have a clue. So I had to buy some books and learn how to use my Nikon. That led of course to better lenses and better Nikon's. (Not that much better, an FE was all I ever needed). Soon I got more interested in the cameras than the trains and yet another expensive bad habit was born.

By the time I came to work out here on the test range in 1994 I was doing 4X5 work. I came out here as an electrician but got to be very good friends with the guy in the photo shop who was also into 4X5. To make a very long story short, when they offered him a very nice early retirement package we conspired to move me into this photometric job from the electrical work. I spent a year getting up to speed on the high speed movie cameras but most of the building blocks I needed were already in place. Of all the old timers that retired, the photometric job was the most seamless transition they experienced out here.

So while I make my pay as a pro photog the LF stuff that I chatter about here at the forum is still just hobby. I plan to keep it that way. I try to make the hobby pay it's way by horsetrading on Ebay and that frees me up to just give the pretty pictures away.