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And when you are a 9-5 employee, making a regular paycheck, your employer acts like they own you; calls in the middle of the night, weekends, two weeks vacation, if you are lucky (most likely a few days off, here and there).
As a 9 to 5 er, You're not asked to finance your employer's business,
free-lancers are. When you understand that, you can prepare YOUR
business accordingly. You don't own, you rent: rentals are the clients
responsibility. And so on.

In my case, and the reason I mentioned it, is that I drifted from being an employee ( in the days it was a respectable thing to be ) to being an 'entrepreneur'.... which is a big word for 'fresh bait'. I wasn't prepared and suffered until I caught on. The world changes, be ready. Learn the rules, play by 'em.

That's all.