That looks like a technika III to me. A very nice camera, even if the lens boards are getting difficult to find. Some pop up every once in a while on

The Heliar lenses are exellent. I have one on a folding plate camera from 1934. The newer 50's lens should be even better - especially as it's coated. It is a very sought-after lens, which some people are willing to pay ridiculous sums for. It's the precursor of the even more legendary APO-Lanthar, the main difference is the lanthanum glass element in the latter.

The III's had to be cammed for every lens and every camera body, a specially made cam was necessary for the rangefinder to work properly. None of my lenses are cammed, but I don't really miss it. Especially as mine's a 13x18 model and not very well suited for reportage-style photography. No poblem as long as there's a ground glass!

Whether or not it's a good buy depends on the price, of course.