I travel a lot and shoot street and architecture. basic street photography is accomplished by my mamaya 6. What the mamiya lacks ia perspective control and it is allso limited by the square -- to shoot a building w/ a square w/o convergence means as much foreground as building.

So my needs are a camera that is durable and portable with reasonable rise and fall. The camera would be mounted on a tripod for most shots, but a hand held 4x5 is intriguing.

For non travel I have a Sinar.

The Busch Pressman appears to meet these needs. I know little about the camera, but have it for the weekend and will be playing. As stated above, my preferred lens would be the Nikkor 75mm SW, but the rear element can not be passed through the bellows frame on the front standard. This may be a show stopper.

I would love a Tech V , Toyo, or Horseman, but, alas, I don't think I could afford them -- the Shen Hao would be a viable option. The Pressman would be purchased as a trade of services, so real out of pocket costs would be nil.