Problems with the Busch pressman (I own one)
1-limited lenses. As you found out your 75 won't fit. The opening is too small. I think a 90 will work.

2-Availability of lens boards. These things are really hard to come by. And they are a pain to fabricate. they come up on Ebay from time to time and there are a few people who make thier own and then sell them.

3-No back movements None at all. This is not a big deal though. no swing on the front.

1-think the word tank when thinking about the pressman. This is one tough mother of a camera. Mine was knocked over while on a tripod at full extension, over six feet. It hit the pavement and broke the GG. And that was it.

2-lots of front movements

3-hand holdable if your range finder is working

I like my Pressman. I paid 200 after shipping. It came with a good lens and working shutter. The guy selling it suggested cleaning it since he never had and it was the original lens. I did and it was the only lens I had for a year. A 135 wollensak, not the best, not the worst either.

I think this camera will fit most of your bill except the lack of back movements and swing. This depends on how much you use the movements.

It is a cheap good camera that you do not see on the market a lot because they last forever.

Hope this helps