Donald, thank you for publishing this formulation. I am going to split the formula into "A" and "B" solutions. This will be easy for me to do, since I already have percentage solutions of the incorporated reducing agents dissolved in ethylene glycol.

"A" solution

70ml (Dry) Methanol
.3 gm Phenidone
10 gm Catechol
5 gm Pyrogallol
dissolve all in methanol, then add
Ethylene or Propylene Glycol to 200ml

"B" solution

150ml boiled distilled or deionized water at 52 deg. C
43 gm Sodium Sulfite
50 gm Sodium Carbonate
3.5 gm Potassium Bromide
water to 200ml

These two solutions should each have a very long shelf life.

Tray life? We'll see. I will probably use this as a on-shot.

Have you tried Benzotriazole instead of KBr?