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Due to an unauthorized charge on my account, I kissed paypal bye-bye earlier this year. If I had to acquire something and paypal was the only means, I'd open another account with them, get my stuff, and close the account as quickly as I could. This situation has not arisen so far, and I get by wonderfully well. Personal checks, money orders, cashiers checks -- they're just like credit; they just take longer.

Usually you "back up" your PayPal account with a credit card. It is always an option (in tiny small print) to use when paying via PP.

I do this for 2 reasons:

1) I want the freakie flyer miles I get from my CC (that's how I get to Tucson)

2) I can always cancel a "bogus" charge on my CC direct with the card company. They are very receptive, espescially when you tell them it is a PP related charge!