Hey all,

I have recently been experimenting with Efke film and I have had overall pleasing results. I have some comments, questions, and some small complaints that I wanted to address. Firstly I wanted to see what people that have used this film in general think of it? I like it so far but I have only used the 50 speed developed in D-76 1:1. I want to know if anyone has any suggestions for development? I first developed for the suggested 8 minutes and got slightly thin negatives. I tried 12 minuted and got much more satisfactory results although not yet perfect. Also I hear not to use stop with it. Dose anyone know anything about this and what the effects of using stop may be? The other concern I have is that it is going to be available in the future? One complaint I have is that it tends to curl up a lot. I am shooting 120 roll film and it is a pain in the neck to deal with. I don't think anything can be done about this though. Anyway i am looking forward to your comments. Thanks a lot.