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Is there any difference at all though between the stuff packaged as Efke and the stuff packaged an Adox?
I cant notice a single bit of difference. I dont have experience with roll film in efke/adox.
Although I have a pretty extensive experience with it in sheet film, both the Efke PL100 and the Adox PL100. I just finished (last night) labelling all my 7x17 negs, and realized... theres alot of them.
Almost exclusively Efke/Adox 100 with about 50 sheets of JandC 200 thrown in there when I first started shooting 717.
I used a weak stop bath of Kodak indicator stop in the beginning and have noticed the negs using the stop bath have a slightly less apparent stain (Ive used the efke/adox with PyroHD only)
It prints wonderfully well in my opinion. I have done some silver printing with it, but mainly I use the negs for printing in pt/pd. The tonal range and scale seems perfectly suited with this film, pyroHD, and pt/pd contact printing. Ive found that a majority of the time when I print in pt/pd I have to use very little Na2 to increase contrast.. usually it ends up being 1 drop of 5% solution for a coated area of 7x17. This to me says, in a really unempirical and technically immeasurable way, that the range of the negs is pretty good. Might have alot to do with good exposure or whatever but I think it also has a bit to do with the good film.
One of the things Ive noticed is that Freestyle website mentions that efke film shouldnt be "pulled". Im not in the least bit technically oriented, most everything is by feel with me. But I expose the PL100 film at about an EI of 50/32 as Ive found it gives me a better tonal range and negatives with good thick highlights and a nice long density range (sometimes too long). Im not sure but this to me sounds like "pulling" .. and Ive found it works well to expose at an EI about onestop less in speed.
hope that helps. Just my limited experience but my be pertinent to your situation a little.