A great deal depends on the lighting conditions and the subject matter that you are photographing. If you are exposing in bright light with no subject movement considerations that is one thing. If you are shooting indoors without strobes and a bunch of hyperactive kids that is another.

Another consideration that I see is what format in medium format are you exposing? 6x4.5 is an entirely different matter then 6X7 when we consider 8X10 enlargements.

Back when I shot roll film the rule that I tried to live by was 1/focal length for handheld shutter speed. Different lenses will allow different shutter speeds. I could handhold a 40 mm lens with subject movement at 1/60 second....I couldn't do the same with a 500 mm lens. That would require 1/500 second.

As others have indicated the different emulsions will have different curves and different tonal characteristics.