I finally found the answer to the problem with the Bronica bellows and flash problems using Sunpak TTL flash on my SQAi.
It seems that the Bronica engineers in their infinite wisdom did not connect the flash lead to the connector pins on the bellows but put a pc plug on the side of the front standard. This was kinda OK when I was using the 622 flash as it had a pc cord plug as well as the connections through the TTL adaptor. I could simply plug the flash in both ways. But when I acquired a DX12R ringlight this flash had no provisions for a pc cord to plug in. After studying the situation and experimenting I've found you can use a male to male pc cord, manufactured for a Metz flash, and connect the camera pc outlet to the one on the bellows front standard and complete the circuit for firing the flash. This may seem backwards at first glance but electricity could care less how it gets there as long as you supply the wire.
Now I've got full TTL capability on the bellows setup with a minimum of fuss and bother.