When I used to work as a wedding photographer over 20 years ago I used Kodak Vericolour II and worked with a Rolleicord and Mamiya C220. I finally regained my sanity and stopped doing weddings.

However I have had a relapse and have agreed to photograph a friend's wedding. Cunningly I have offered to do the photos as a wedding present. A simple set of bridals and guests (tastefully mounted). I find that commercial transactions tend to sour friendships if things go wrong. At least this way we have agreed that If things do go awry then there is no harm done.

I intend to use a mamiya 645 with a range of lenses from 45mm to 210. I think using it hand held will give me more freedom. This means that a fairly fast film (of the order of 400) is called for. When I was but a lad 400 ASA films were very grainy. No doubt times have changed. My recent colour film experience is limited to Fuji Superia 100. Lovely film for orchids but a little too saturated for wedding work.

Could anyone give me some suggestions for a suitable film for this occasion. If the weather is not too bright I may well use Superia 400 for that extra bit of bite