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The issue is not that Pyrocat-HD does not do well with graded papers. It is simply a matter of developing the negative to a DR that corresponds to the ES of the paper, as with all developers. The issue is the same as for PMK and all other pyro staining developers, i.e. a different density range is needed for printing with graded papers and VC papers.


Your message suggests a printing difference of four grades, i.e. #1 for graded papers and #5 for VC papers. That does not sound right to me. I have never observed a difference of more than two grades with any of the pyre staining developers, and typically the difference has been less than a full grade.
I agree completely, Pyrocat-HD does indeed do well with all papers. But with my LF enlarger with hand-held contrast filters (I use Yellow and Blue), it is a little frustrating...

The difference in grade I reported isn't exact - as I said just now I use "split grade" printing. But the difference is certainly a lot more than one grade! Maybe I'm overdeveloping? Or maybe my lightbulb is too yellow?

I don't want to interrupt Sandy and your dialogue. Please forgive me for doing so. My question that arose is the variable contrast filters that came with my Durst 138 S enlargers. These seem to work very well in progressive steps of contrast. They seem to be made from Kodak filters that have been enclosed in a glass envelope. I place them immediately ahead of the heat absorbent glass ahead of the light bulb and before the condensers.

There happens to be a set of these filters up for sale on Ebay now.

Sorry for the interrruption. Good luck.