It's a rather tacky, bizarre website for someone who is choosy about where her work is published. I wonder if she knows about it. Her page has adverts for HotChick22, Mate1 Intimate Dating and which promises to teach you how to kiss better. Will Powers / Lynn Goldsmith* where are you?

Richard Misrach's page is funny. As with other pages, there are hotlinks all over the text, but they have zip to do with the photographer. For example, in the sentence "'Canto XVII: The Deserts' is an homage to the myriad elements that form what so many still consider a wasteland - salt beds as bright as snow..." the word 'beds' has a hot link to

Brian Kosoff (Early Riser) has a page - I wonder if he is aware of it. It has links to P&L Paints ("the first rays of morning light gently paint themselves across the sky"), lawn analysis by TruGreen ChemLawn ("landscapes") and ("Ansel Adams" - well we already know he'd sold out).


* of Kissing With Confidence fame.