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Ok, I for one can't imagine why I would want to make my own silver-gelatin paper when there are so many to choose from being made by companies who seem to know what they're doing.
When Ilford or Forte or any of the manufacturers are doing so much better than I believe I could why bother?
I am only speaking of what CAN be bought in a store like J&C or B&H or FreeStyle. I'm not talking about Platium or Alt Process papers that are not manufactured.
Maybe I'm missing the point, could be.

Many of the students in my first class were Azo enthusiasts. One of my emulsions seems to be a pretty fair duplicate. Well, according to one individual there it is better than Azo. He has made a post to that effect on APUG.

So, there is one reason / product to do this.

Since I am aiming at the 30s - 50s look, I will even try to remake some of the old popular films that some are so fond of, but are no longer made.

Is that reason enough for you?