Hi Aaron,

Well, I have painted the film sheaths and have received my film (NP27 ASA 400) from Wephota in Berlin. I ran a rudimentery film test last week using my 12" Commercial Ektar (which is mounted on a Sinar lensboard). The reason I used this lens was because the cabinet maker still has my origional lensboard in his workshop as a pattern. The good news is, he has made 4 lensboards and is in the process of hand fitting them to the camera as I write this post.

Loading the 12X15" film was quite an experience. The film from Wephota was cut to order, and surprisingly, had no notching to indicate the emulsion side of the film. Using my vast experience as a photographer, I GUESSED which way the film should be loaded, and luckily, was right. Just the handling of these large pieces of film, compared to 8X10" is rather intimidating the first time around.

I exposed the film, making a rather artistic shot of my dining room drenched in the soft light of a grey, overcast German winter sky. 30 seconds at F45. Developed in ABC pyro by inspection and pulled from the soup at 9:45 seconds.

I discovered to minute light leaked in the wooded darkslide, which were easily repaired. Otherwise, all went well. Hopefully I'll have my finished lensboards back in a couple of days, and can then mount my Ross / Dagor f 7.7 480mm and my new Apo Ronar 600mm lenses.