Sunny 16 unless I'm shooting [color=green]Auto[/color]. Or rather "Sunny 16 with variations" e.g. "shadows -3 stops" and "indoors is usually 1/30 f/4 or f/2.8 most places at ISO 400"

I recommend a quick perusal of John Brownlow's Non-Anxious Exposure Guide for all B&W shooters.

I also have a little excel spreadsheet I made for myself a long while back, with typical exposures at ISO 400 and typical situations... "sunset 1/125 f/8" etc. Wish I could find the file I made it from, but I've had a (rarely consulted) printout of it (along with a DoF chart for my Contax G lenses) in my wallet for years.

I am also not afraid of black, heh