This is a card I have in my hand that I hadn't played in years until about 2 weeks ago. I was doing a shot of a banquet group of about 120 optical folks in Las Vegas. All optical experts. No pressure at all. I had the Nikon digital (hell, I'm not crazy) and the 7X17 Folmer & Schwing set up. When I measured my spread in the AM sun for the B&W pic it was like 5 stops from zone 3 shadow to where the people in sunlight would be. I carry an old Polaroid flash diffuser with me just in case I need it. Took a reading through the diffuser with the spot meter and then put it over the lens and exposed through it for Z 1 1/2 a few minutes before the group arrived. Then when my group was in place I exposed as normal. As a result I got a great neg with excellent shadow detail and nice highlights also. Wish I had the Polaroid number of that piece, but here is a picture of one on an old 195 flash.

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