I'm back... my neg is washing!

I decided that instead of waiting for the F1 GP to start conversing with my wife, I'd knock out a pinhole of our kitchen. Since I've tried using paper negs (EI4-6) under house lighting before and needed extremely long exposures, I blu-tacked my scanners 35mm neg holder into my 8x10 mattboard pinhole camera and put in a strip of 400iso film about 5" long. Set camera up looking at kitchen and spot meter then guestimate a time for f-stop that I can't really remember. Go and develop... hmm, way underexposed and the 190mm focal length not ideal either. Go and grab the scanners 4x5 neg holder, tack that in, load a sheet of Delta 100, re-guestimate a better exposure based on slower film... 20mins should do... go and do some things, avoiding conversing with the Mrs too much... Process sheet in Paterson tank with XTOL 1:1 rolling tank along on edge (my little 4x5 processing has been done in trays before) Rinse, Fix... yeah... it worked! Have to wait for it to dry now before scanning and uploading!!! Gp still 3/4hr away... better go iron a shirt for work tomorrow