Thanks for the link Stephen... Larry Towell is an excellent photographer, and this work is very good. I would agree that Sam's work is more personal than Towell's in this case, but I think both play an important role in telling the story. The use of panorama is great... what a sense of the devestation in the immediate aftermath of Katrina! And the images of the flooded cemetary in New Orleans are eerie.

FWIW, Towell has a deeply personal body of work of his home life that I saw published in PDN, oh, probably eight or nine years ago. I seem to remember that home for him was on a farm in Ontario, and he made some great images of his family's life there, including his teenage children and wife. I've always hoped it would be published in a book, but I haven't seen it, yet!

He really is one of the most interesting journalists working today.