Here is our proposed agenda for Thursday. Please understand that this is not etched in stone and we can make changes as needed or desired.

1:30 meet at the North Pemberton railroad museum and photograph there for awhile (info at
3:00 Move on to Mt. Holly for more photography there (check some of Flauvius's posts for additional information. He seems to know this area better than most.) Photograph here until 5-5:30 or so.
5:00 Move on to any other site that we might know about for a little more photography. Let's see what suggestions we get.
7:30 Meet at TGIF for dinner and an informal meeting. Come with a list (written) of ideas you would like to propose or have the group consider.
9:30 Adios.

Let me know what you think. Four photographers have said that they will attend. Anyone else? Please let me know.