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ed: i know the person i spoke with ( also ed ) spoke about pre-exposing on frame by frame basis - by double-exposing and shifting where "zones of detail" would be.
I *had* envisioned this as a "whole roll" exercise. Frame by frame would be awkward with the Hasselblad, having to work around the double exposure prevention, - I'd have to expose, and not rewind; replace the darkslide, remove the magazine, rewind and replace the magazine and re-expose. Awkward, but possible.

I'd much rather capture as much information as possible on the film, and manipulate it afterwards in the enlarger .. that would keep my options open.

Color film, especially. has the ability to capture a wide range of values ... I would estimate from 8 to 12 "stops". Color paper, generally, cannot handle that much, - so preflashing becomes a viable tool.
i assisted a fashion/portrait/annual report guy in the 80s - he had a hasselblad --- i used to double expose everything for him. needlesstosay, i don't think his 'blad's double exposure preventure was up to snuff

ed, i can show you how it is done!