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I read all your posts and am very excited about learning from you. Unlike a few of the posters here, I think it is quite worthwhile to have the knowledge and expertise to make your own paper and film emulsions. I would not even remotely consider having a lab process my film or print my negatives either.

I think people need to be aware that the market for paper and film is shrinking. They are fooling themselves if they think this trend is not going to continue. And given that the market is driven by demand, we can all expect the cost for out\r materials to continually rise. The local photo store in my neighborhood now sells 11x14 forte PWT for $93 a box. I'd rather make my own than pay that. I have tried to negotiate bulk pricing from Ilford. They couldn'y care less. All of this points me in the "make your own" direction. Besides, the more control I can leverage on my personal work, the better.

Many of the films and papers I used 20 years ago are gone now. I don't necessarily agree that what we have now is better. Its different, maybe even easier.... but better? I haven't seen anything out there now that is the same as Portiga, or Brovira, or Ektalure, or Panalure, or Ektapan.

I hope analogue processes are here to stay. But there is no way that they are going to be more commercially practical than the digital processes that have taken over. (And believe me, I hate to admit that). And that fact alone will continue to limit our choices and increase our out of pocket costs.

Hats off Ron, the knowledge and experience you offer the group is invaluable.

I'm in total agreement with you Don. Papers like Ektalure are irreplaceable.
I 'm more selective about the images I spent time to print so I use less paper. When my stash of paper in the freezer is gone I don't know that I want to pay the prices for the papers available. And since I've hand coated papers for alt. processes for quite a few years, coating my own silver gelatin might not be that big of a deal. At least the physical act of coating. Designing emulsions for silver gelatin are certainly more complex than most of us have the training and experience for.

Thanks to Ron for trying to keep this alive.