Like others who have commented on Light Impressions, I have seen a gradual decline in service over the last few years.

Now the situation has reached the point of no return for me. On July 14th I placed an order -- nothing fancy -- a couple of types of tape, clear corners, crystal clear bags, cotton gloves, burnishing bone, etc. I was told that several items were on back order, but that the others were available.

On August 14th I received a letter stating that "some items" from my order were out of stock, but they were trying to ship them as soon as possible. As it turned out, everything I wanted was now backordered! They gave me the options of cancelling the order or contacting their Customer Service Center to discuss alternatives if I didn't want to wait. Since I didn't have a pressing need for the items, I decided to wait.

Then I received another form letter dated August 30, which said: "Unfortunately, we are unable to fill your order as this item is no longer available." They indicated they had cancelled my back order and that my credit card had not be charged. You can be sure I'll be checking my credit card statement.

It appears to me that Light Impressions is going belly up and/or is in the process of committing organizational suicide. In any event, I won't be placing any further orders with them, as I simply won't put up with such poor service. Moreover, I will advise my photo and artist friends to look for other vendors. It's a shame because Light Impressions was an excellent resource for me for many years.

Al Flory