The schedule was

Round 8
August : Sign on
September : Print and Post
October : R&R

But... we had many cards un-delivered (still got a few to creep in) and I decided to leave it another month before starting Rnd 8. That month and a bit more has passed with a few enquiries about Rnd 8 coming in, so it's time to do something!

In a previous discussion, we contemplated limiting the number of cards that needed to be sent in some way. A common response was 'I'd like to be in all groups' which won't actually work with the number of participants we have as I think a good proportion will want to do that. I figure we can go 4 ways...

1. Stop the Postcard Exchange
2. Stick with "In for one, in for All" (Current)
3. Break into 'managable' sized groups (no jumping in multiple groups... too hard to manage)
4. Trial my Postcard Matching program I wrote.

The 'Postcard Matching' program will allow people to nominate how many cards they'd like to send, and it creates matches up to those maximums. People who opt in for the maximum get allocated as many times as possible, but most likely won't be the maximum. It works like this...

a) When you sign up you nominate how many cards you wish to send. A special category of 'The Max' is for those who don't really want/have a limit.

b) I run my wizz-bang program and I email you the list of people you are matched with. Those people will have you in their list, so you are doing are 'exchange', not just sending them one.

c) you send each person on your list a card.

An example will probably explain it better...

Participants List
Name (Maximum Cards where M means 'The Max')
Agnes (2)
Art (M)
Dave (4)
David (M)
Gary (M)
Nigel (3)
Peter (M)

Participant Buddy
Agnes Gary
Agnes Peter
Art David
Art Gary
Art Nigel
Art Peter
Dave David
Dave Peter
David Art
David Dave
David Gary
David Nigel
David Peter
Gary Agnes
Gary Art
Gary David
Gary Peter
Nigel Art
Nigel David
Nigel Peter
Peter Agnes
Peter Art
Peter Dave
Peter David
Peter Gary
Peter Nigel

So, in this scenario, those that nominated a maximum number get that, and the others get a variable amount of matches to fill out all the posibilities... eg. Art gets 4 matches out of a possible 6, David (5/7) and Peter (6/7)

So, since we're a week behind our month behind schedule, I'm going to ask for your opinions for a week... then the method choosen will be declared and you'll get the chance to 'sign up' over the remaining two weeks of this month.

Let the discussions begin!