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After a long process of comparing prices for custom cut mat boards, I came across what I believe is THE best price for over mat and custom cut mat board. Let me give you an example of the pricing for you to compare;

13x15" mount board with a 13x15" Over mat custom cut to 8 3/8" to 10 1/4" (for 8x10 contact prints) with both mount board and over mat Bainbridge 100% cotton rag PH balanced 4 ply priced out at $3.26/set (mat and over mat) when you purchase 100 sets. You could do 50 horizontal and 50 verticle when 100 total are ordered. Shipping to Colorado was $43 - not bad. If anyone can fine a cheaper price for this good a mat board in 4 ply, please let me know. These are cut with a computer and my first order was incredible. Packaging and customer service as well as the turn around was incredible. I am going to order a bunch more I was so pleased.

Contact John Schofield at Schofield and Vose Framing in Hamden, CT. at (203) 230 2019. Just a hard working great guy trying to develop a client base and succeed. After pricing Superior and a host of other service providers, this was the best combination of a top product and a great price.

Yep, I am in the same boat as Michael. We combined orders to make use of the great discounts this company offers.
The material is as good as it gets, as is the craftmanship, and the attention to detail.
Packaging was a work of art and my mats are flawless even after a long trip to Hawaii.

I got no affiliation with this company but would really like to see people from this forum ordering from them. We got to support those small businesses that are willing to go the extra for the customer.