The fascination with development by inspection completely eludes me. I can take two negatives on the light box and study them under a 10x loupe for two minutes, and still cannot decide which will print best with the #2 filter. How can anyone look at a wet negative for a few milliseconds under green light, or a few seconds with an infrared set-up and determine a good highlight or a strong shadow?
For me that would be like disconnecting your speedometer and determining your speed by licking your hand and using the cool sensation when you hang it out of the window.
We dunk our work at 68 F., not "feels right to me"; we time our exposures, not "that oughtta do it"; we develop good habits and repeat them exactly every time to eliminate unwanted variables. Anything else would be jumping the tracks and off-roading with a locomotive.

OK, development inspectors. Bring it on! :-)