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Hi all

I need to produce a dig neg and am completely confused by the research I have done. Argyrotype is a low contrast print which requires high contrast/high density negs. Right? However, all the advice I am getting in producing the neg requires me to apply a curve to the positive scanned image that reduces the contrast. Now this does produce a more dense neg once inverted, but also one that is low contrast.

To me this seems wrong. Do I not need to increase the contrast of the positive before inverting it? I know this is a suck it and see situation, but I'm just looking for a starting point. Can anyone help?

Many thanks

First, what previous advice have you gotten?

Making a digital negative with inkjet printers involves two steps. One step is to choose a printing color (black, green, green + blue, etc.) that matches the contrast of the process, in this case argyrotype. This varies a lot according to printer. Mark Nelson's PDN system explains how to do that, but much too complicated to relate all of the procedures here.

Second step is to print a negative on your printer from Photoshop using the color selected and then maping the input and output values to produce a correction curve.

As a easier way that may give good results, down-load one of the curves on Dan Burkholder's website, assuming you are using the same printer. Unfortunately, printers vary a lot in terms of UV absorbance so you really need to be using one of the printers for which Burkholder provides curves to expect good results.

Sandy King