Roger Hicks said in another thread:
"There's also a lot of twaddle being talked about model releases. In this situation, the sort of model release most people would use would be the standard release of all rights in return for valuable consideration received (which can be almost anything, for example, a penny, a print, a beer or reciprocal agreement to be a model). Without valuable consideration a model release has no force, at least in any jurisdiction with which I am familiar, because it's not a valid contract, the elements of which are offer, acceptance and consideration. With the kind of release I describe, he wouldn't get anything anyway."

My experience has been that most photographers don't even know that this expression indicates an exchange between the two parties and assumes that simply getting the model/subject to sign gives them full rights to usage.

I've wondered for a long time... what "valuable consideration" do most non-professional photographers offer a model/subject when asking them to sign a model release?