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So, she used her talent to make some of the best Nazi propaganda ever made. She knowingly glorified Hitler and the Nazi ideal. An ideal which was repugnant in its time and which is repugnant now. Can we really forget all that and judge her photographs in isolation? I'd be interested to know how many of the people who are suggesting that we acknowledge her talent without reservation (if that is what they are suggesting) have seen "Triumph of the Will". Hitler deified.

Well said, Helen.

Someone who could make "Triumph of the Will" was more than just a "casual Nazi" trying to get government work!

She glorified a man and an ideology that systematically slaughtered over six million people. She was fortunate enough to avoid the Nuremberg noose and lived long enough for subsequent generations to become unaware of her role in supporting and advancing a hideous death machine.

And let it not be forgotten that Jesse Owens accomplishments in the 1936 Olympics were greeted with derision by Hitler and his cohorts. So to say his favorite photographer took the "definitive" portrait of Owens is an insult to Owens!