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She was a great photographer and her work was outstanding.

The fact that she worked for the state she grew up in and rose to the top of the heap is a mark of her greatness. Was she a Nazi. Of course. How else would she get the commissions. It was the dominant party of her state.

It is unfortunate that he state turned out to be a what it did, but using her as a whipping boy for that state makes little sense.

Many of the founding fathers of this country were slave owners, and we excuse that by saying they were "of their time".

She was also "of her time" and place.

Unfortunately, we will never know who the excellent photographers (and other people) were who decided not to join the Nazi party.

Careful with the word "we". I don't excuse the founding fathers for being slave owners. It is a shame (in the truest sense of the word).

If you were a scientist, I would ask, "who is the greater human--Albert Einstien or Werner Heisenberg".

One left Germany the other stayed. Both were excellent Physicists. One is the better person.