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She was perfectly suited to the task of glorifying ANYTHING. Look also at the Nuba or her underwater photography.This is not a common talent. Its misapplication does not mean she wasn't good at it, and to compare her with Hitler as a painter is frankly risible.

If she'd been on the right side politically, she'd be lionised beyond belief. Because she did a lot of Nazi propaganda, her genius is understandably attacked. Few decry National Socialism more than I but to issue blanket condemnations is to abdicate from rational thought or artistic regard.


But Roger,

While there may be degrees of moral relativism - at some point there is an absolute. That point is different for each of us. For some of us, it is impossible to neutrally separate the artist from her soul. Using her talent, as she did, to advance a malevolence, is derisive of that talent and leaves me with no interest in her work.

The entire Nazi death machine was designed by very talented people and worked extremely efficiently. I don't celebrate their talent any more than Leni's

Finally, going back "on topic" to the OP original posit. Is this one of the best sports portraits ever made?

Frankly, I don't think it is - even if I didn't know who the photog was. It's no more "great" than many pre-race closeups of runners in the blocks that you see on television! And, in fact, I think it was included on the web site page as a means of distracting viewers from the true nature of her work assignment at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. It certainly seems to have done so for you and a number of others here.