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Since probably very few of us have lived in totalitarian regimes we probably have knee jerk reactions to certain things.

Her initial glorification of the National Socialism ideal, which was a political party that eventually took over the country, was originally pretty early on in the history of the regime. Whether she ever really knew the scope of the later madness of the regime, who knows.

Lindberg was a Nazi lover as were a number of prominent Americans, but does that mean he was a terrible pilot.

The people in Iraq that joined the Baath Party to get work, and I believe if you wanted govt work, you had to join, are they as bad as Saddam. There were many artists there worked at glorifying Saddam, are they criminals now.

I think we should be able to look at artistic works and determine if they are good, bad or indifferent by what they are, not by political or moral references to the artist or the time in which they operated.

Nobody here is saying that Hitler, National Socialism, or any of his policies were anything but abhorent, but does that mean that an artist that worked within that system should be negated because of it.

Very well put, Michael.

Clearly your range of moral relativism is simply broader than mine.